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We are dedicated to supporting the education of Survivors of campus sexual assault.

Restore Dignity is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides financial assistance to Survivors of power-inequality trauma, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking, or hazing during their pursuit of higher education. Our mission is to engage, unite, and empower Survivors by reducing the financial burdens accrued in the aftermath of an unjust trauma.

Our primary focus is to ensure equal access to education for Survivors through direct financial assistance.


Do you need to reduce your course load and take an extra semester? We can help pay for an extra course.


Do you need to move to a safer environment? We can help cover rent.


Do you need assistance in paying for counseling services? We can help pay these medical bills.


Do you need to leave your part-time job or need help paying for your meal plan? We can subsidize these lifestyle changes.


Anne Clougherty
Executive Director

Anne Clougherty

B.S. Systems Engineering, UVA ‘82
Co-Founder, Media Systems, Inc.
Co-Founder Kamaria LLC
Social Justice Activist
Parent of a Survivor
Ellie Clougherty

Ellie Clougherty

B.S. Management Science and NeuroEngineering, Stanford ‘13
MS Data Science, UVA ‘15
Co-Founder Kamaria LLC
Survivor of intimate partner violence
Activist and Jeweler
Kristen Malinowski

Kristen Malinowski

B.A. Cognitive Neuroscience,
University of Virginia ‘15
Co-Founder of Kamaria LLC
Survivor, Activist, Jeweler