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Whether you are an organization dedicated to supporting equal access to education or social justice campaigns, a corporation looking to increase philanthropic culture in your office, or a leader looking to make a big impact for potential future employees, here are some effective and achievable ways to support Survivors of campus sexual violence. Now is the time to engage in Restore Dignity’s partnership to support the continuation of educational and professional growth for Survivors.

Engage Your Employees in Workplace Giving

One of the most effect ways you can support Restore Dignity is by motivating your employees to donate through a workplace giving campaign. Offering a Restore Dignity giving campaign at your place of work is a great opportunity to encourage philanthropic acts into your corporate culture.

Benefits of offering a Restore Dignity Workplace Giving Campaign include:

Tax benefits- Offering a giving campaign provides employees with an accessible avenue to make tax-deductible donations.

Sustainable Fundraising- Donations accrued through workplace giving provide sustainable fundraising opportunities for Restore Dignity. This support enables us to spend more time and resources on services for Survivors.  

Improves Employee Morale- Encouraging employees to give back and committing to a financial goal collectively builds a sense of community in the workplace.

Makes a Strong Statement- Providing an effective employee giving campaign to benefit the continuation of education for Survivors sends a powerful message to your customers, stakeholders, employers, and community. Consumers want to do business with companies that care and employees want to work for companies that care.  

Promotes healthy workplace culture around sexual violence- Engaging in social responsibility on the topic of sexual violence inspires effective leadership and a safe climate in the office. It also affirms that as an employer you do no take this issue lightly


Join the Restore Dignity Network

Restore Dignity understands that there numerous obstacles Survivors face post violence.  Everyday tasks are impacted and continued growth is impacted by the violence experienced. The support Survivors need extends beyond supporting their education; they need support as they enter the workforce. We’ve created a network of organizations, companies, and business that have publicly stated support for Survivors.

Take the Restore Dignity Network Pledge!

By doing so you:

  • Pledge to welcome Restore Dignity Scholars who are interested in applying for internships, entry-level positions etc. at your organization or company. This builds trust with Restore Dignity Scholars and makes a statement of support to Survivors of sexual violence everywhere.
  • Pledge to accommodate and honor their needs as Survivors who are looking to enter the workforce.

Examples of accommodations potentially needed by Survivors:

  • Leniency with schedule to accommodate therapy appointments or other self-care practices
  • Familiarization with trigger warnings
  • Using mindful and respectful language in the office